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ABB 3BHE009681R0101, 3BHB012961R0001, 5SHX2645L0002 IGCT Module

ABB 3BHE009681R0101, 3BHB012961R0001, 5SHX2645L0002 IGCT Module

  • Manufacturer: ABB

  • Product No.: 3BHE009681R0101, 3BHB012961R0001, 5SHX2645L0002

  • Condition:in Stock

  • Product Type: Automation Control Components

  • Product Origin: Sweden

  • Payment:T/T, Western Union

  • Weight: 230g

  • Shipping port: Xiamen

  • Warranty: 12 months


  • This ABB product combination delivers exceptional current handling capability (1150A) to tackle demanding industrial applications, maximizing efficiency and control.
  • This information pertains to a specific combination of ABB products (3BHE009681R0101, 3BHB012961R0001, 5SHX2645L0002). It's recommended to consult ABB documentation for detailed specifications and compatibility information for each individual product code.


  • Embedded gate driver: Simplifies installation and streamlines system design by incorporating a gate driver within the module.
  • Space-saving design: Optimizes control cabinet layout by offering a compact footprint.

Technical Specifications

  • Megawatt drives: Ideal for controlling high-power motors in industrial applications.
  • High-voltage converters: Enables efficient power conversion in demanding environments.
  • Grid infrastructure: Supports the development and improvement of power grids.
  • Renewable energy integration: Facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources into power systems.
  • Heavy industry automation: Provides reliable power control for various heavy industrial processes.

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