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Bently Nevada

Bently Nevada 176449-05 Industrial Machinery Protection Module

Bently Nevada 176449-05 Industrial Machinery Protection Module

  • Manufacturer: Bently Nevada

  • Product No.: 176449-05

  • Condition:in Stock

  • Product Type: Automation Control Components

  • Product Origin: USA

  • Payment:T/T, Western Union

  • Weight: 1040g

  • Shipping port: Xiamen

  • Warranty: 12 months


The Bently Nevada 176449-05 is a dedicated machinery protection system designed to shield your critical industrial equipment from harmful vibration and other operating issues. By continuously monitoring vibration levels, it detects common faults like imbalance, misalignment, and looseness. This enables early warnings of potential equipment failures, allowing you to take corrective actions and prevent catastrophic breakdowns that can incur significant repair costs. The 176449-05 promotes improved machine uptime and overall reliability for your industrial operations.


  • Proactive Vibration Monitoring: Continuously monitors vibration levels in your machinery to identify potential problems early.
  • Fault Detection: Accurately detects faults such as imbalance, misalignment, and looseness that can lead to equipment failures.
  • Early Warning System: Provides advanced warning of impending equipment failures, allowing for timely corrective actions.
  • Breakdown Prevention: Helps to prevent catastrophic equipment breakdowns that can result in high repair costs and production downtime.
  • Improved Machine Reliability: Contributes to enhanced machine uptime and overall reliability of your industrial equipment.

Technical Specifications:

  • Diverse Machine Type Compatibility: Supports a wide range of machine types for comprehensive protection across your industrial facilities.
  • Multiple Sensor Inputs: Accepts input from various sensors to provide a holistic view of machine health.
  • Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms: Employs sophisticated algorithms to extract vital data from sensor readings for accurate fault diagnostics.
  • Flexible Output Options: Offers output options for alarms, data logging, and integration with control systems for enhanced machine management.

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Q: Do you have a warranty?
A: Yes, We have 12 month warranty.
Q: Is it 100% brand new?
A: Yes. New and original.
Q: What is the type of payment? Paypal?
A: T/T Payment in Advance
Q: Which country or area can be shipped to?
A: Worldwide.
Q: How do you ship goods?
Q: Where do you ship the goods?
A: AXiamen.
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 2-3 days if the goods are in stock. If the goods are not in stock, Need to negotiate.
Q: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are a trading company.

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