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GE Fanuc IC200ALG430 Analog Input Module Brand New

GE Fanuc IC200ALG430 Analog Input Module Brand New

  • Manufacturer: GE

  • Product No.: IC200ALG430

  • Condition:in Stock

  • Product Type: Automation Control Components

  • Product Origin: USA

  • Payment:T/T, Western Union

  • Weight: 300g

  • Shipping port: Xiamen

  • Warranty: 12 months


The GE IC200ALG430 is a high-performance, modular analog input module from the VersaMax I/O series formerly produced by GE Intelligent Platforms, now under Emerson Automation. It is designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications, including manufacturing, process control, and infrastructure.

Technical Specifications

  • Number of channels: 4
  • Input range: Voltage: 0-10 V, 0-20 V, ±5 V, ±10 V; Current: 0-4 mA, 4-20 mA; Temperature: PT100, RTD
  • Accuracy: 0.1%
  • Resolution: 12 bits
  • Conversion rate: 1000 samples/second
  • Operating temperature range: -25°C to +70°C


  • High performance: The GE IC200ALG430 analog input module provides high performance, with a typical accuracy of 0.1%.
  • Wide dynamic range: The GE IC200ALG430 analog input module has a wide dynamic range, allowing it to measure a wide range of signal levels.
  • Noise immunity: The GE IC200ALG430 analog input module is designed to be noise immune, making it ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.
  • Modular design: The modular design of the GE IC200ALG430 analog input module makes it easy to add or remove channels as needed.
  • Easy to use: The GE IC200ALG430 analog input module is easy to use, with a simple programming interface and a variety of diagnostic tools.

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