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Honeywell FE-USI-0002 Universal Safety Interface

Honeywell FE-USI-0002 Universal Safety Interface

  • Manufacturer: Honeywell

  • Product No.: FE-USI-0002

  • Condition:in Stock

  • Product Type: Automation Control Components

  • Product Origin: USA

  • Payment:T/T, Western Union

  • Weight: 600g

  • Shipping port: Xiamen

  • Warranty: 12 months

The Honeywell FE-USI-0002 is a highly versatile and reliable universal safety interface (USI) module designed to provide comprehensive safety monitoring and control capabilities for a wide range of industrial automation applications. It features 16 isolated safety input channels, each capable of monitoring and responding to a variety of safety signals, and 16 isolated safety output channels for controlling safety actuators. This module is ideally suited for applications that require precise and dependable safety interlocks and emergency shutdowns.

  • 16 isolated safety input channels: Enables monitoring of up to 16 independent safety signals, such as emergency stop buttons, safety switches, and safety sensors
  • 16 isolated safety output channels: Provides control of up to 16 safety actuators, such as contactors, relays, and solenoid valves
  • Wide input voltage range: Accommodates diverse signal types and voltage levels, ensuring compatibility with various safety sensors and devices
  • High-speed response time: Responds promptly to safety input changes, ensuring timely event detection and safety interlock activation
  • Galvanic isolation: Protects against ground loops and noise, ensuring signal integrity and reliable operation
  • Compact and rugged design: Facilitates easy installation and integration into various industrial environments
Technical Specifications
  • Part number: FE-USI-0002
  • Manufacturer: Honeywell
  • Number of input channels: 16
  • Number of output channels: 16
  • Input voltage range: 24 V DC, 48 V DC
  • Output voltage range: 24 V DC, 48 V DC
  • Input current: 1 mA to 10 mA
  • Response time: < 20 ms
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Operating humidity range: 5% to 95% RH, non-condensing

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Warranty: 12 months.
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