Collection: Modicon 170/BMX/TSX/AS/490NRP

Modicon 170 Series:Schneider Electric's Modicon 170 Series comprises advanced automation controllers built to deliver optimal control solutions for industrial processes. These controllers offer reliable performance, scalability, and a wide range of communication options to suit various automation requirements.

Modicon BMX Series: The Modicon BMX Series encompasses programmable controllers and I/O modules that are designed to facilitate the efficient operation of industrial systems. These modules offer flexibility and reliability in data acquisition and control applications.

Modicon TSX Series: The Modicon TSX Series features a range of compact PLCs suitable for applications where space is a constraint. These controllers offer high-speed processing and a variety of I/O options, making them suitable for small to medium-sized automation tasks.

Modicon AS Series: The Modicon AS Series includes safety controllers and modules that are essential for ensuring the safety of industrial processes and personnel. These components adhere to stringent safety standards and protocols.

Modicon 490NRP Series: The Modicon 490NRP Series encompasses networking and communication modules that enable seamless data exchange and integration across industrial networks. These modules are vital for achieving efficient and interconnected automation systems.